Luis Diaz, our company director has set to create a platform to spread the word and help his Home country, Venezuela. which is facing one of the worst crisis in its history. the international community has to be aware of what's going on in Venezuela... and perhaps that way we can force the government to make some much needed reforms. 

My Venezuela is about Latin American pride. A Land of The people that possess great kindness by nature,  that always help; with what we have or with whatever we have left, we help. 
It's forbidden to forget our essence. Alone we are strong, but together we are powerful!

If you happen to see this, please share this page, or just the video.

Together we can make a change!!!


Is an open letter addressed to all Venezuelans,  there are more than 2 million of us that have emigrated from the country, due to the current political and socio-economic situation.  

We are here to help and support our fellow Venezuelans, in this rough times the country is going through.


The Plague of Killingss

There is fierce debate about exactly how many people are murdered in Venezuela, but all sources find sky-high rates. The government says there were almost 18,000 murders in this South American nation last year, giving it a rate of 58 homicides per 100,000 – compared to 4 in the United States. The independent Venezuelan Violence Observatory claims there were really almost 28,000 murders. An annual comparative survey classified Caracas as the most homicidal city outside a declared warzone in 2015, with 119 homicides per 100,000.

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The Corruption of Democracy in Venezuela

Hugo Chávez (1999–2013) ... However, during Hugo Chávez's time in power, corruption  became widespread throughout the government due to impunity towards members of the government, bribes and the lack of transparency.

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This is a Small documentary, about the situation in my country, Venezuela. The main body of footage was filmed on location in Venezuela between January - April 2016, the supporting footage was sourced from YouTube. Information and research from several online sources.