Richy Quin - WE ARE LEGACY

Richy Quin -  Sculptor

Richy Quin - Sculptor

Richy Quin  is a passionate creator who is not afraid to fail.  He has worked through the hard times and energed victorious.  To quote his words  “there is no straight line to success”. Richy allows nature to inspire him by taking walks in woods every morning. He uses his bare hands to mould and transform clay into sculptures that seem to come straight from his soul.

I met Richy online after I having posted on Facebook that I was interested in meeting artistic creators. A friend showed me a flavour of Richy's work and I was mind-blown. I'm a very visual person and get deeply connected with concepts and the things we create. To put it in layman terms, my mind wonders allot.

I had spoken a couple of times with Richy over Facebook and briefly explained to him what I was looking to do and what WE ARE LEGACY was about. 

When the day finally came to shoot Richy in person,  I brought a small crew. Myself, Timothy O'Connell (filmmaker), my partner Kelly (helping out on production she says) and my 9yo stepdaughter (stills photographer) went on a road trip to what seemed like the end of the world. It took more than 3 hours in the pouring rain to get from Kildare to his remote cottage in Mahon Bridge in County Waterford.

Richy lives in the woods... yeah seriously!!! His back garden leads to a forest with a small creek, where you can listen to the water as it flows endlessly.    

Upon arrival, Richy gave us a tour of the house and offered us his best bowl of homemade soup which we all wolved down after that long journey. 


Nicole Taking  a Brake 

The 9-yo Stills photographer


I want to know what make's people tick. I want to understand how and why people decide to follow a particular career path.  

 We set down with Richy and spoke about it. How did you get to where you are right now. ? 

He spoke about ....  

Check out the video of my interview with Richy here. 

Richy Quin - WE ARE LEGACY

I would like to say thanks to the small but efficient crew that help me out with the creation of this small project. 

Nicole - Stills Photographer

Kelly Spratt  - Logistics

Tim O'Connell -  Camera Assistant 

Craig Cox - Music Composer

Hope you enjoyed it, I'm still trying to experiment with the format and delivery of this video series.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post..

PS: please let me know if you have any advises. Comments are welcomed.