CULTURE – A profile of Dublin documents the integration of migrant makers, creatives and performers and their role in the evolution of Dublin’s culture.

All over the world, the Irish are lovingly embraced as cultured, good humoured underdogs trying to make a better life for themselves. Just as Irish people have been a vital part of cultures all over the world, Ireland and Dublin is now a go-to destination for people thirsty to create a better life.

The desire to call Dublin home is changing the face of the arts and the future of Irish culture. With this influx, there is increased competition for the resources Dublin can offer for creative development. To guarantee the successful integration of cultures, policies that foster creative collaboration between Irish and International cultures will be needed. Without integration there is inequality and discrimination.

A more connected world means that Dublin can expect greater migration than ever before. This documentary explores how Dublin can and should integrate with the cultures arriving on its door and the process in which artistic and creative thinking forges an identity for a nation.

CULTURE – A profile of Dublin explores the lives of influential creatives in Dublin’s art and culture scene as well as examining the government measures that aim to control and ease the integration of the people from different cultural backgrounds.

Integration is the key, on taking the full advantage of this phenomenon that’s occurring in Ireland. We will have to develop and implement new laws that guarantee integration among the creative communities and individuals. Without a structure, this country might slowly be forging a set of subcultures conformed by minorities, and those circumstances only lead to inequality, classism and racial discrimination.

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1. Characters and their journey

The Story of mass migration and a country that it is not prepared for it; culture comes from the collective of a nation, society, a group of people.

This documentary explores the creation of a highly multicultural city; the process in which artistic and creative thinking forges an identity for a nation. Unlike many mainland European countries Ireland, because of its geographical location, was out of reach for centuries from significant migration.

For many generations, Ireland has been a land of emigrants. A nation of people that have populated many of the major cities in the world, and with then a bit of Irishness travelled around the world.

In recent years they are many factors that made Ireland appealing to corporations, small business, and individuals tax breaks, higher salaries, access to grants. Culture –Profiles of a city, explores the creation of something singular and unique to this country, its culture and identity. It is the director’s vision to explore this phenomenon, by interviewing creative and influential people who are exceeding in their respective areas of the arts and reside in Ireland. Follow by interviews with government officials and research to determine and discuss the measure that are being set by the government to control and ease the integration of the people from different cultural background.

Kevin Sharkey  -  Artist

Kevin Sharkey  - Artist

Oona Doherty -  Dancer / Choreographer

Oona Doherty - Dancer / Choreographer

2. The transition

For centuries Irishness was embraced worldwide as a non threatening race of cultured, good humoured underdogs trying to make a better life for themselves, Irish people have Fought in almost all the wars in the wold, Irish men even helped Simon Bolivar to liberate America from the Spanish crown. There is an Irish pub in almost every city in the world, and the biggest Saint Patricks day celebrations are not even held in Ireland.

“The children of Irish parents born abroad are sometimes more Irish than the Irish themselves”
— Sen. Patrick Kenny, 1924

In recent years the Irish economy has bloomed, and that has had a big impact on migration the people are coming from 199 nations, with the majority speaking a language other than Irish or English in their homes. (source

The streets of Dublin are filled with people that come from unique backgrounds with different customs, religions, culinary taste, and overall culture. The journey of citizens, who are forging the Irish identity beguines one more time, At an accelerated pace.

Is important to have the necessary regulations in place, to guarantee the integration of the people that come from different countries with Irish nationals that are creating the cultural scene in Ireland. Musician, dancers, painters. Although all are unique forms of arts they all convey on that they thrive on creativity.

Now the competition is stronger, as many amazingly talented people from all corners of the word converge in this small city with the primary intention of creating, creating art, creating theatre shows, creating music. The access to funding schemes and grants is a vital part of this process.

Now Irish and foreign nationals compete for the same resources. New measures that can guarantee the integration and equal access to funding opportunities have to be set in place by the respective regulatory bodies.


3. The main question

This documentary set to answer what culture is from the mouth of the people creating it, how people with different background are forging the collective vision of a nation. Over the next decades Ireland will go through a transformation, and thus Irish culture will bloom.

What will it be to be Irish in the next decades?

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